Cleaning engineering systems


Cleaning engineering systems – event napravlennoe to prevent the occurrence of the factors negatively affecting the operation of water supply systems, heating, boilers, heat exchangers, primary and secondary in importance components of these systems. And improve the efficiency of the systems as a whole and their parts separately due to obrazuyuscikhsya removal of obstructions and sediment, partly gradually Deplete the integrity and the operation of these systems and equipment.

The benefit of cleaning is of course very significant: it will increase performance and decrease costs osluzhivanie systems as a whole, and the prevention of long-term idle operation of systems and enterprises.




Why do you need cleaning?
In operation the heat and vodoprovodnyy systems, they begin to accumulate harmful for the efficient operation of waste: sand, rust, SOTI, etc.

The occurrence of these elements always happens, as they are the product of the functioning of these systems, chemical reactions occurring between water and metal parts of systems. However, over time these "products" is becoming more. They accumulate in the nodal parts of the system and lead to:
- decreased performance of the entire system
- the increase of Oyama costs of operation and maintenance
- increase the risk of downtime of the system and enterprises.

Cleaning it will not only ensure the improvement of the system and returns it in pristine condition, but also protects all elements of the automatic control and regulation from contamination and thereby from damage. Additional economic effect of clean versus replacement of the system is the possibility of carrying out works during the heating season without shutting down the system, reduced to a few days the process of updating the system.

Cleaning of heating systems leads to an increase in room temperature (at the same parameters of network water). There are cases when the tenants in the premises with the purified system in the winter, open the window, because apartments are hot. This is a logical updating and upgrading that will lead to the possibility of individual settlements for consumed heat.

How we will help You.

Baltic chemical company specializes in the cleaning of boilers. In our work, we have developed our own methods and perfectly use the experience that has been practiced in the industry.

In order to correctly perform the cleaning of the boiler requires a greater amount of theoretical knowledge and experience of skills.

Our company has established itself on the market maintenance equipment as one of the most reliable, work with us and cooperate as major equipment manufacturers and service stations. We are always ready and open to cooperation.