Flushing of heating


Heating system today it is one of the most important elements constituting an integral part of life in homes, for each person. In each house, especially on industrial sites it will allow people to live and work. Because there is no construction, I can assure you, without her.

Flushing out the heating is a particularly important preventive procedure. It is conducted to the system (pipes, radiators, osla, etc.) lasted as possible longer, in order the indicators of its efficiency fell and were always in acceptable limits, to save money on dementai manta old and new elements.




Why do you need washing?

The operation of the heating system (centralized or individual) is that inside each of its elements is the circulation of fluid heated to a certain temperature.
The temperature and frequency of the circulation depend on many factors, but the fundamental function performed by the room. Hence the temperature difference and indicators systems in various buildings and spaces.

But it's not the only thing that affects the performance of the system over time, energy production is reduced due to the accumulation in it of small particles of rust, scale, sand, salt (precipitate), and so it is tolerated by all elements of the stream and reaching the particularly twisty parts of the system or areas with lower speed, they settle clogging pipes and rabiator.

What are the consequences of an improper attitude to cleaning the heating system and what effects it causes?
decreases the mechanical strength of
reduces the speed of water flow ( increases the fluid friction on the walls of radiators and pipes )
reduced heat transfer tubes and batteries
increases fuel consumption by heating systems with low efficiency
Permanent prevention of pollution, cleanup will allow you to save some money and save you from big problems with heating (the cost of heating, partial or complete replacement of the system).

How we will help You.
Baltic chemical company specializes in the cleaning of boilers. In our work, we have developed our own methods and perfectly use the experience that has been practiced in the industry.

In order to correctly perform the cleaning of the boiler requires a greater amount of theoretical knowledge and experience of skills.

Our company has established itself on the market maintenance equipment as one of the most reliable, work with us and cooperate as major equipment manufacturers and service stations. We are always ready and open to cooperation.