Flushing of heat exchangers


The heat exchanger is a device in which there is a transfer of heat. Moreover, from the coolant with high temperature to cold, i.e. to be heated. This is a very important element in the technological process, affecting the operation of the main equipment.

Flushing of heat exchangers is a necessary and very important process. It is that you must regularly clean heat exchangers from organic deposits, scale and dirt. Timely cleaning greatly prolongs the service life and cheaper price high-quality repair of heat exchangers.

The positive effect of this procedure is that You prolong the life of the equipment and thereby not only save considerable money on buying new equipment, but also increase its operating safety.




Why do you need cleaning?
During prolonged operation of the equipment, on the walls of its nodes form a scum, which impairs the properties of heat transfer. That leads to increased consumption of thermal energy.

A thick layer of accumulated sediments on the inner surface of the metal parts of the heat exchanger is a heat insulator by itself, the thermal conductivity from 10 to 70 times lower than that of the metal and this leads to the fact that:
- there is excess fuel;
- starts to overheat parts of the heat exchanger;
- the capacity of the heat exchanger decreases;

impairs the operation of the entire system (up to failure of equipment).
(the layer of scale in 0.5 mm leads to a waste of fuel to 1%, and 2 mm — up to 12%)

How we will help You.
Baltic chemical company specializes in the cleaning of boilers. In our work, we have developed our own methods and perfectly use the experience that has been practiced in the industry.

In order to correctly perform the cleaning of the boiler requires a greater amount of theoretical knowledge and experience of skills.

Our company has established itself on the market maintenance equipment as one of the most reliable, work with us and cooperate as major equipment manufacturers and service stations. We are always ready and open to cooperation.