Mechanical cleaning


   Mechanical cleaning is a method of removing the surfaces of sediments and contaminants, where exposure to the surface to be cleaned is a solid body, and the cleaning process is invoked and is implemented by its friction on the surface requiring cleaning. 

   This is one of the most common ways of cleaning.




The advantages of the technology.
Mechanical cleaning method features several advantages:
this procedure is simple and does not require the use of complex and expensive installations for washing.
- typically does not require the use of special chemical reagents
(which reduces the cost of the work).

However, unlike chemical washing, mechanical cleaning requires disassembly of the system in order to gain access to a number of internal surfaces which is not possible to process the used tool in assembled condition.
(This means an increase of the period of disruption to the purified system compared to the chemical method of purification, which entails some increase in costs).
Mechanical cleaning requires the productive work of staff care, caution and a certain degree of qualification.

To carry out mechanical cleaning of boilers used a variety of manual and mechanical tools from scrapers, brushes, scrapers, and special heads (raskidnym and kereskedik) with electric or pneumatic actuator.

The actual procedure of mechanical cleaning of boilers is made in several stages:
Disassembly of the cleaned system.
The removal of impurities with the use of hand and mechanical tool.
Rinse cleaned surfaces with water.
Optionally also soak the dirty parts in a cleaning solution and water rinse, and passivation.
Assembly system.
In some cases, the configuration of the cleaned equipment requires the use of costly when assembling a set of sealing gaskets. In General mechanical cleaning method is of secondary importance, but its use is rational in cases where there are particularly strong or "deaf" dirt and for cleaning of the system components.

- Mechanical cleaning is widely used in all industries
- flushing of heat exchangers
- cleaning of boilers

How we will help You.
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