The cleaning of boilers


Boiler cleaning is an important procedure, the event, which is critical to perform in the operation of the boiler equipment at regular intervals.

The positive effect of this procedure is that You prolong the life of the equipment and thereby not only save considerable money on buying new equipment, but also increase its operating safety.



Why do you need cleaning?
The essence of the operation of boilers is to ensure that as a result of processes occurring within it constantly produces energy. However, as a result of this there are "residual effects" associated with mechanical, thermal or chemical interactions (depending on the boiler and type of fuel used).

If we consider the operation of the equipment based on combustion of the fuel-air mixture, due to insufficient amount of air delivered for combustion, soot is formed. Because combustion is a chemical reaction, but the composition of the exhaust gases sometimes present flammable substances (although their share is not significant). They have not entered into chemical reaction with oxygen, burned and deposited on the walls, the heating surfaces of the boiler, resulting in deterioration of heat transfer.

The negative consequences of the neglect of cleaning the boilers and performing preventive maintenance kiwodet to the fact that:
the heating rate of water in the boiler decreases
the increase in fuel consumption
the decrease in the efficiency of boilers
local overheating of the walls of the boilers, which reduces their lifespan

If we consider the devices focused on other types of fuels, the lower their efficiency will scale, fouling (liquid fuel and gas boilers), wood tar (solid).

In addition, the cleaning needs not only the boiler, but the chimney, pipelines of water supply and heating, water heaters.


How we will help You.
Baltic chemical company specializes in the cleaning of boilers. In our work, we have developed our own methods and perfectly use the experience that has been practiced in the industry.

In order to correctly perform the cleaning of the boiler requires a greater amount of theoretical knowledge and experience of skills.

Our company has established itself on the market maintenance equipment as one of the most reliable, work with us and cooperate as major equipment manufacturers and service stations. We are always ready and open to cooperation.