Chemical cleaning


Chemical cleaning of heat exchange equipment consists of treatment of internal surfaces with special chemical reagents that Deplete fat. This method of cleaning is characterized by high efficiency along with economic attractiveness.

Technology advantages:
This method is one of the most complex, used for the maintenance of pipelines and heat exchange equipment.

- often, it is the only way to remove deposits

(complex configuration of the serviced premises, makes it impossible to apply other methods of cleaning (mechanical, hydrodynamic, electro, hydrothermal methods), as a lack of access to the object of washing.)

In General the chemical washing technology consists of four stages: preparation, the actual treatment stage, stage aqueous cleaning and passivation of treated surfaces.

- The preparatory phase includes the connecting unit chemical washing to the object to be cleaned, pressure test the system with water and checking the circulation on all variants of circuits of leaching.

- The actual Promega consists of treatment of the cleaned surfaces with chemical reagents, dosing which is made in the control of pH, temperature, RedOx potential and percentage content of the reagent in the leaching solution.

- At the end of this stage, residues of the chemicals are neutralised and the system flushed with water.

- To prevent secondary corrosion after chemical processing of the surface passepartouts special reagents.

For the procedure of chemical cleaning of heat-exchange equipment can be used a large number of different chemical agents. This hydrochloric, sulfuric, sulfamic, oxalic, citric and other acids, and chelating agents of different composition, derivatives of phosphonic acids, as well as hibitory preventing korrodiruet action on the material of the surface to be cleaned. All these reagents have their own characteristics, but because of pollution represent a complex of substances, the only reagent to be limited as a rule impossible. The right choice of the formulation is an important aspect affecting the quality of cleaning.

Chemical cleaning is widely used in the following cases:
- rinse economizer
- flushing of heat exchangers
- cleaning of boilers
- flushing of heating
- flushing of heating systems and water supply.
- cleaning of pipes
- washing of heat exchangers.

How we will help You.
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